Online Bill Payment & Presentment

With our Online Bill Payment & Presentment service, paying your bills couldn't be easier.  Enjoy our fast, accurate and secure online service to pay just about anyone in the United States anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection.  No more writing checks, buying stamps or sealing envelopes. Bill Payment and Presentment offers you not only the ability to pay all of your bills from one simple-to-use site, but also provides you with the convenience of receiving, viewing and managing your bills at the same online location.


  • Pay bills online - anytime, anywhere
  • Arrange email alerts for bill arrivals, due dates and upcoming payments
  • Schedule recurring payments automatically
  • Schedule automatic recurring payment rules for each payee
  • Use multiple VSB funding accounts to pay your bills
  • Set up future payments up to one year in advance
  • 3 Months FREE (After 3 Months is $0.50 per bill, $5 monthly minimum - Roughly the cost of a postage stamp)
  • And more

If you are already signed up for Online Banking it's easy to get started paying your bills with Online Bill Payment & Presentment.  Login  to your online banking and click on the "Bill Payment" button.  Submit the application and you will be ready to pay your bills online within 72 hours pending an approval process.

If you are not currently signed up for Online Banking you can  fill out the registration form.  Once all the necessary paperwork is completed for your online banking, follow the steps in the above paragraph to activate your Bill Payment & Presentment.


  1. No single bill payment can be made for more than $10,000
  2. Bill Payments must be sent to U.S. Domestic addresses (No foreign addresses or payees are allowed)
  3. Allow up to 10 business days for payment to reach payee.
  4. Your funding account will be debited for the amount of the payment within 48 hours of the "Send-on" date.  This does not mean the payee has received the payment, it still could take up to 10 business days for the payee to receive the payment from our bill pay company.

If you have any questions about Online Bill Payment & Presentment Contact Us.