Fees and Features

VISA® Business Check Card Fees
Annual Fee $10
Reissue Card (Lost or Stolen) $10
Reissue PIN (Lost or Stolen) $10
International Transaction Fee 1.5% of dollar volume


Online Products and Services
Business Online Banking FREE
Online Bill Pay Fees  
   Bill Pay Base Fee (per month) $5
   Additional Payments over 10 $0.50
Check Images (90 Day History) FREE


ACH Origination
ACH Origination Setup Fee 25
ACH Origination Service Charge (per month) $10
ACH Item Fee over 25 (per item) $0.15


Service and Product Fees
Bank Bags (Lock) $15
Bank Bags (Zipper) $3
Bank Money Order $5
Personal Money Order $2
Collection Fee $20
Garnishment/Levy/Lien Processing $40
Indemnity Bond $100
Notary Fee $5
Dormant Fee $10
Fax (Per Page) In/Out $1
Microfilm Copy (each) $3
Photocopies (each) $0.25
Funds Management  
  Service Charge (per transfer) $5
Overdraft Fee (per item) $30
Return Item Fee (per item) $30
Return Deposit Item Fee (per item) $5
Research (per/hour 1 hour minimum) $30
Special Statement (no images) $1
Research Image Fee (per page) $1
Stop Payment Charge $35
Return Mail Fee (per item) $2
Night Drop Key Deposit (refundable) $10


Wire Transfer Fees
Customer Wire (Outgoing) $20
Customer Wire (Incoming) $5
Customer Wire (International) $45
Online Wire Transfer Initiation Service Charge (per month) $3


Additional Benefits
3 Bank Bags (zipper) Free
Change Orders Free
Monthly Statement w/Images Free